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Virtual Public Meeting: Step One

Phase Two of the Planning Process

The development of the Sellersburg 2040 Comprehensive Plan began in February 2020 and will be finalized over a three-phase planning process.

In phase one an existing conditions report was developed; a steering committee was created and the first meeting was held; an online survey was launched; and a virtual public meeting and Facebook live presentation were held. The issues and ideas that we collected from you during phase one was used to create the plan elements presented during this virtual public meeting.

Sellersburg is in the process of wrapping up phase two of this process. A vision statement, guiding principles, goals, strategies, concepts and action steps have been drafted based on the information gathered in phase one. The steering committee worked with the Town and consultants to revise each of these plan elements and now its your turn to provide feedback on Sellersburg's vision for the future!

Phase three of the process will begin late July and conclude this fall with the adoption of the Sellersburg 2040 Comprehensive Plan. Stay tuned for progress updates and input opportunities in this final phase!

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