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What is the Vision?

A vision statement is an broad and overarching perspective meant to represent the desired image of Sellersburg.

"Proud of the past, in touch with tomorrow." 

What are the Guiding Principles?

The guiding principles organize and focus the goals and strategies of the plan into three categories.

Sellersburg's Strong Foundation

Sellersburg's Sense of Community

Sellersburg's Pride and Legacy

Sellersburg's Vision

"Proud of the past, in touch with tomorrow."

Sellersburg's Strong Foundation

“Ensure that all elements of the built environment—land use, transportation, utilities, and community services— work together to provide a strong foundation that supports a high quality of life for all residents and businesses.”

Sense of Community

“Sellersburg will accommodate residents of all ages, visitors, and employees through strong parks and community facilities and fiscally sustainable growth.”

Sellersburg's Pride and

“Define Sellersburg’s identity and strengthen community pride through vibrant spaces, well-planned streets and strong neighborhoods.”

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