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Virtual Public Meeting Summary

Updated: Jul 9, 2020

The first public meeting was held virtually via Facebook Live on April 16th from 6pm - 7pm. The Facebook Live video was also streamed on the project website,, simultaneously. Town Manager, Charlie Smith, and Amy Williams of Taylor Siefker Williams Design Group, presented an overview of the comprehensive planning process, existing demographic and physical conditions, and public input opportunities. During the meeting they answered several questions that were post during the meeting. Over 50 viewers participated during the Facebook Live stream and over 1,600 people viewed the video in the two weeks following the meeting.

Following the live event, 5 questions were posted on the Town’s Facebook page and the project website to further collect public input. The following highlights the key takeaways from the live event and sequential online feedback opportunities.

Question 1: What is something you LOVE about Sellersburg?

To many residents, Sellersburg is or always will be home. The small-town feel and atmosphere has attracted and retained many residents as well as business owners. The friendliness of the residents and visitors is also a large driving factor for what people love about Sellersburg.

Question 2: What is your BIG IDEA for Sellersburg?

Many of the big ideas for Sellersburg focused on increasing and enhancing the aesthetics or visual appeal of the community. Residents also wish to maintain and celebrate the small-town atmosphere of Sellersburg, improve pedestrian amenities and improve community facilities such as the existing parks and schools.

Question 3: What is something you think is MISSING in Sellersburg?

Many participants thought a consistent plan for growth and development within the town was an element that is missing from Sellersburg. Sidewalk connections between neighborhoods and other areas of development were highlighted as a priority for the immediate future. Property upkeep and street maintenance were also mentioned as a priority.

Question 4: If you could BUILD anything in Sellersburg what would it be?

Community facilities, additional shopping and more entertainment establishments were things participants frequently identified in addition to a grocery store, sports complex and restaurants. Strengthening the opportunities for these establishments and the quality of life for residents and visitors has been a theme in the feedback collected to date.

Question 5: What is the biggest CHALLENGE Sellersburg will face in the next

5 to 10 years?

Participants identified managing growth and development as one of the largest challenges that Sellersburg will face overtime. Rapid growth has put a strain on infrastructure and facilities such as the existing schools and roads. Property maintenance was also stated as a potential challenge.

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